Synopsis of Minutes

By November 25, 2020December 10th, 2020Therfield


Main Points of Discussion at Meeting Held on Tuesday, 10th November 2020

4 members of the public present.

1.        Matters Arising from September Meeting: Community Phone – this was still live and it was agreed to leaflet the village to raise awareness during the current lockdown.  Replacement Bench for Mill Lane – there had been no response to item in Newsletter and it was agreed to revisit in the New Year.

2.        Heaths & Greens:  The Chairman reported that he had been advised that a final cut of the Greens was due to take place this month; the delay due to weather conditions.  Again, the Council expressed concerns about parking on New Road at the access point to Jubilee Wood.  This has become a safety issue. Parking was restricting the road to a single carriageway and visibility is not good.  It was reported that Landowners and the Conservators shared the Council’s concerns and were considering options.  Cllr Jarvis to follow up.

3.        Planning:  2 applications had been received:

The Homestead – No objection

Red Lion Stud:  – No objection. The Council would, however, request due regard be given to the access to and from the development from the busy A10.

Tuthill Yard: The Council had been informed by the Environment Agency that Luton Skips had ceased trading from the site and their waste had been cleared.

4.          DriveSafe:  Eleven volunteers had stepped forward.  Unfortunately, everything now on hold due to the current lockdown.

20 is plenty campaign – the Council agreed to support this campaign to change the criteria in order that the 20mph restriction can be applied within a broader set of circumstances.


Date of the Next Meeting:  Tuesday, 12th January 2021