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Therfield Defibrillator


The village defibrillator is located on the external left hand corner of Fox and Duck Pub as you face it. There is a code to get into the protective yellow box, the ambulance service will give you this code when you call.

How to use it.

Call the ambulance service on 999 first. There is a sheet giving you instructions on ‘How to Perform a Rescue’ on the following page.

Please make a note of these instructions; they are useful but not essential. Finally, when you get the defibrillator out of the yellow box and open the actual orange case, the defibrillator itself will talk you through everything. Ivan and his team are acting as guardians of the defibrillator for us. They will have spare instructions too.


We will be doing some training at the Pub one Saturday morning soon. This will be conducted by the East Of England Ambulance service. (Although you do not need any training to use this kit). If you ever use this kit Ivan and his team must be informed. Things like pads need replacing and batteries need work done to them every time it is used.

We hope this kit is never used. However, if a member of our community or nearby public needs it, it’s there.

Therfield Parish Council