Chairmans Report January

By January 26, 2021Chairman

As I did in November, I write this report as we have entered yet another lock- down period due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

As per the last report, I again would stress that all villagers should adhere to the government guidelines on staying at home and only going out when you have no alternative but to physically go into a work place or have an absolute need to do so.

The community phone is still in operation and is available for any villagers who need help/assistance.

Through November and December there has obviously been decreased activity in general due to the lock-down periods and the typical UK winter weather and there have been several reports of blocked drains and gullies. All of these have been reported to HCC and will be actioned at some point.

I am personally still getting calls about parking near the woods down New Road near the heath. Even though we are in winter months, there has been an increased number of vehicles parked on that section of road. I can report that a site meeting has been held and action will be taken at some point by HCC and the Conservators to potentially restrict parking to just the east side of the road (which was the side of the road originally designated for vehicle parking.)

Mainly whilst out walking during lockdown, I have also had several people mention how awful the box on the front of the school looks. As I confirmed to those people, the Parish Council did object to this building and wanted it sited elsewhere on the site however NHDC planning did give consent. I am personally hopeful that further down the line, the school will have sufficient funds to build something bigger and better on the grounds and will then be able to remove the box on the front of the building. The Parish Council, as it has done for many years, will also support the school with funds and fund raising where it is able to do so.

Mainly around the “20 is Plenty” campaign, the PC has requested that advisory 20mph signs are put up in the area of the school to try and help reduce speeds in that vicinity. This has been requested through HCC and will hopefully materialise during spring this year?

So until we have everyone in the village vaccinated, please obey the rules and keep safe.

Andy Osbourne Chair


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