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Road closures Therfield – Sandon

By October 6, 2023Therfield

The Hertfordshire (Temporary Closing and Temporary Waiting Restrictions in B1368 Biggin Hill, Anstey and Sandon Road, Therfield/Sandon) Order 2023

(If the Order is made, it shall come into force on 13 November 2023 for a period of up to 18 months)

NOTICE is given that Hertfordshire County Council intends to make an Order under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, to prohibit all vehicular traffic from using the following lengths of roads (“the Roads”), except for access and to prohibit all vehicles from waiting at any time on both sides of these lengths of Roads whilst works are in progress:-

  1. that length of B1368 Biggin Hill, Anstey from its junction with B1368 London Road south eastwards, south westwards and south eastwards to its junction with C12 (unnamed road), a distance of approximately 290m.

An alternative route will be via B1368 (London Road/High Street/Cambridge Road/London Road/High Street), B1039 (Royston Road/Barkway Road), A10 (Barkway Street/London Road/Ermine Street/unnamed road/Buntingford Bypass), B1038 (Baldock Road/High Street/Hare Street Road/unnamed road) and B1368 (unnamed road)

or via B1368 (unnamed road), B1038 (unnamed road/Hare Street Road/High Street/ Baldock Road), A10 (Buntingford Bypass/unnamed road/Ermine Street/London Road/ Market Hill/Priory Lane), B1039 (Barkway Road/Royston Road) and B1368 (High Street/ London Road/Cambridge Road/High Street/London Road).

  1. that length of Sandon Road, Therfield/Sandon from its junction with Rooks Nest Lane south westwards and north westwards to its junction with C10 (unnamed road), a distance of approximately 1934m.

An alternative route will be via Rooks Nest Lane, Dane End, Haywood Lane, Hay Green, Police Row, The Causeway, Kelshall Tops, North Road, Fears Green, C108 (unnamed road) and C10 (unnamed road).

The Order is needed because works are proposed to be executed on or near the Roads.

If the Order is made, it shall come into force on 13 November 2023 for a period of up to 18 months. However, the restrictions specified shall only take effect at the times indicated by signs on or near the Roads.

A copy of the proposed Order may be inspected free of charge at County Hall, Hertford between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm (excluding weekends, bank and public holidays).

If you have any queries about the proposed Order please contact Natasha Cook tel. 0300 123 4047 at Ringway.



County Hall                                                               26 October 2023

Hertford                                                                      Scott Crudgington

Herts                                                                          Deputy Chief Executive &

SG13 8DN                                                                 Executive Director (Resources)


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