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Chairmans Report January

By February 4, 2022Chairman

So we enter 2022 still in the throes of Covid. This time however, I write knowing that a significant number of villagers have contracted the virus (including myself and my wife!) but thankfully, as far as I am aware, everyone I know who has had it, has only shown very mild symptoms. Although this mainly seems to be the case, I would still stress that everyone needs to be careful and stick to the well-publicised government guidelines

I also have to say a big thank you to the staff and the Children’s Council at Therfield School who I have been talking to about potential new equipment for the play park. I have had two meetings with them now and they have been very helpful with their views on play park equipment. The council will now decide how we spend any funding from NHDC and how we supplement the additional cost (as funding will not cover 100% )

Since the last meeting the Conservators held a workshop in the village to get villagers views on how the greens should be managed. An initial report has been issued to outline how they would like to manage the greens during 2022. Thankfully, I believe this is broadly in line with what villagers wished for however, we are awaiting the final part of it which will detail whether the Parish Council or the Conservators manage the grass cutting contractor.

Finally I would like to thank all the villagers who have signed up for our new Community Hub Google group. We now have around 60 members who are basically people who want to receive Therfield and Kelshall Parish Info/notices together with a number of people who had previously unsubscribed from the Chatter group. I wish to stress that this group will be managed by representatives from Therfield Parish Council and Kelshall Parish Meeting. Your continued support is very much appreciated by all those at Therfield and Kelshall Parish organisations.

Andy Osbourne Chair