Chairmans Report – September 2022

By September 15, 2022Chairman


It saddens me to start this report with the news of the passing of Queen Elizabeth 11. Although, at 96, she had a full and extremely active life, her death came as a shock to everyone. Therfield PC wish to give our sincere thanks for the many years of unwavering public service Queen Elizabeth gave to our country. The PC will observe a one minute silence at the beginning of our next meeting in respect to her majesty. It follows that the PC wish his majesty King Charles 111 our very best wishes for a long and fruitful reign.

I have received several questions from villagers over the past few weeks regarding the activity people have observed in Grange Meadow. I can state that currently there has been no new housing application made to NHDC (at least we have not been advised of anything). I would state however, that when the new local plan is fully released by NHDC, Grange Meadow will once again be identified as land for development under the plan. It seems very likely that another application will be lodged at some point. When that happens, we will take stock and get villagers wishes on how they would like to PC to handle any such application.

I would also like to say a personal thank you to Colin Logsden who has been helping the PC to water the newly-planted trees at the top of Mill Lane. Mainly due to the drought, we have lost 3 or 4, but most are still pretty healthy and will soon fill out to produce the extension of the tree lane we were trying to achieve.
Finally, although Covid seems to now be waning, it is still around, so I would still urge people to be cautious when mixing in busy places or travelling away from the village.

Andy Osbourne