Chairmans Report – September

By September 21, 2020September 22nd, 2020Chairman

First of all I would personally like to express my heartfelt thanks to Mike McGloin who has now resigned his position as Vice Chair and councillor. Mike has been Chair of the PC for many years and has been a stalwart of parish council activity for the whole of that period. As a councillor and mentor he will be greatly missed by all members of this council. We wish Mike all the very best with his new business venture and hope he and his family continue to enjoy the pleasures of living in our lovely village.

Dialogue with the Conservators continues to be convivial and the efforts of Robert Law to engage with villagers on various subjects is also both recognised and appreciated.
I have personally had several phone calls and emails from residents concerned about the application for HGV licence from Luton Town Skips – for the operation of a waste processing business in Tuthill Yard. As I have mentioned to all who have contacted me, the Parish Council are not allowed to lodge an objection with the Traffic Commissioner regarding this application – this has to be done by NHDC/HCC/Environment Agency or other governmental bodies. I am given to believe that most of the aforementioned bodies are investigating this application with regard to lodging possible objections.
With Covid 19 infection rates rising as I write, it is no surprise that we are continuing to hold our PC meeting on Zoom. This will obviously continue until the foreseeable future or until the government deems it safe for us to congregate inside in reasonable numbers.

The village, thankfully, continues to be virus-free and so I urge everyone to strictly adhere to government guidelines on social distancing so that all in the village can remain safe and well.

Andy Osbourne Chair