New ground-level trampoline at Therfield Play Park

Monday 23rd May saw the official opening of the new ground-level trampoline at Therfield Play Park.

Therfield Parish Council had approached the school to see if the children would like to select the next piece of equipment for the play park. The trampoline was selected as the preferred piece of new equipment by the childrens council (representatives of each year at the school) and Monday marked the official opening with members of the childrens council being the first to have a bounce.

Andy Osbourne (Chair of Therfield Parish Council) said that it was important that the children themselves should make the decision on what type of equipment was installed.


Charlotte Oram, School Council Leader:

I was very proud of the way that the children were so mature with their responses to why a trampoline would be the best equipment choice.  William Hamilton, aged 9, said “I vote for the trampoline because less people have a trampoline at home and it costs a lot to go to a trampoline park.”  Marlon, aged 5, “Everyone can use the trampoline, whether you’re in a wheelchair or old or young – it’s for everyone.”

Luke Spalding, Age 8: ‘There is nothing bouncy in the park yet!’

Tara McGovern, Headteacher:

“What a treat for the whole school to watch the grand unveiling of the trampoline.  We really appreciate the Parish Council involving our children in the decision making process.  It gave our School Council members a chance to recognise the role of other local councils and the positive impact that they can make”