Statement on current and possible future planning applications

By August 23, 2022Parish Council

Therfield Parish Council

Over seven years ago, the parish council took advice from several sources to evaluate the seriousness of large-scale planning applications in and around our village.

The thinking at the time was that the majority of villagers did not want to see large building projects as this would fundamentally change the character of the village.

Around this time there was an application made for housing at Tuthill Yard. The council at this point took advice that this was a green field site and that if this application were to be permitted, then a dangerous precedent would be established and the parish council would subsequently find it almost impossible to defend itself against aggressive large-scale building projects which would likely follow.

It has been well documented that the parish council, as well as several villagers, have been opposed to the numerous Tuthill applications that have been submitted since that time. A seventh application for this site was made at the end of 2021 which was given approval at NHDC Planning Committee meeting on 23rd June but subject to certain conditions being met.

The parish council was very disappointed with the way in which this application was handled at this meeting and held an extraordinary meeting to discuss the situation. For the reasons highlighted above, we have therefore decided to appoint professional legal assistance to challenge the decision made by the Planning Committee at this meeting.

We would again stress that this course of action is ultimately to try and protect the village from further large-scale planning applications – which we are certain is not what the majority of the village wants.

The council will give further bulletins on how this issue develops.

Therfield Parish Council